Keeping You All Updated

First off, before I say anything else, for all our family and friends that have been texting, sending cards, praying, calling, giving gifts — thank you. I’m not sure how to thank you enough though. It seems you all know exactly when we need you and we are grateful for you. You have given us so much support and we are in the midst of what could be an incredibly long journey to parenthood.
I wanted to start a spot for updates because I am happy to share our journey with you, but instead of sending 20 different text messages a day, I thought this might be easier (and less text messages for you!). I do my best to keep everyone updated, but I know I’m missing people and always thinking, “Did I tell so-and-so about our appointment last week?” It doesn’t mean you can’t text me and ask questions, please do! I just simply don’t want to forget to update you.
My hope is that these updates are short lived. That we’ll get pregnant soon and we will be be sharing those happy posts with you instead of infertility updates, but until then, I’ll keep you updated here when I can. I promise to not to get too graphic and all TMI since I know this is mainly family reading, but we are talking about infertility here so if I know an update’s going to be TMI, I will try to let you know ahead of time.
Thanks again for being on our side and rooting for us, I know that no matter what happens we will be okay because of all of YOU!
P.S. – If you’re just catching up and I haven’t given you the full scope of the situation yet, I apologize, and you can find the background information here. The short story is that we’re having a hard time getting pregnant and seeing an RE.

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