TTC Timeline

TTC Timeline 

December 2013: Pull the goalie, no prevention happening.

April 2014: Nothing is happening. No cycle for me since going of BC pill.

April 2014: Appointment with OBGYN (who was awful), but does run tests. I suggest that I might have PCOS, she disregards.

May 2014: Tests all come back normal. She claims nothing is wrong and asks me to take pills without explanation.

May 2014: I don’t take pills because my cycle comes. Yay! I think all is on track. Nope, sure is not.

August 2014: Back to no cycles since May. I call the doctor and finally find out what the medicine is for. Progresterone to get it started and she claims this will set me back on track.

August 2014: Progesterone works. Maybe all is okay.

September/October 2014: Nope, just had one cycle. Back to no cycles.

October 2014: Call doctor and demand more answers. She says, “Oh yeah, because of your PCOS…” Me: “Um, what? Apparently some of my bloodwork did come back abnormal, but not abnormal enough for them to be concerned at the time. But now, they’re concerned.

October 2014: Doctor orders a glucose test and ultrasound.

October 2014: Glucose is normal, but ultrasound is not. Lots of cysts on the ovaries, which is a sign of PCOS.

November 2014: Find a new OBGYN (who is amazing!). She confirms PCOS and puts us on a new plan.

December 2014: First round of Clomid. Worked, but not pregnant.

January 2015: Second round of Clomid. Worked, but not pregnant.

February 2015: Third round of Clomid. Worked, but not pregnant.

February 2015: Doctor orders HSG test and Semen Analysis for Jordan.

Late February 2015: SA comes back abnormal (morphology) and we are referred to a specialist.

Late February 2015: We start seeing Dr. Shavell at The Fertility Center in Grand Rapids. She’s awesome!

March 2015: Month off while we wait for test results. Jordan gets one more SA.

March 2015: Second SA for Jordan much better. Yay! And HSG normal for me. Double yay!

April 2015: Due to having PCOS and Jordan’s minor issue, doctor suggests an IUI.

April 2015: Take new medicine, Femara, and use HGC trigger shot. First IUI complete.

April 2015: First IUI unsuccessful.

May 2015: Take month off of IUI and try naturally with medicine. Unsuccessful.

End of May 2015: Second IUI. Unsuccessful.

June 2015: Third IUI unsuccessful.

June 2015: Consult with the doctor on next steps.

July 2015: Take month off IUI and try naturally with medicine.

August 2015: If July is unsuccessful we will start IUI with injects.


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