Today’s Ultrasound

Well, not good news, but not bad news.

The good news – I have two, very large, ready-to-go follicles on my right ovary. 20 mm in size, which is excellent. So, I was given the trigger shot at the office and we are free to go about it the normal way this time, and can do a pregnancy test in a couple of weeks.
The bad news, they think I have a cyst on my left ovary. I had a feeling…at my last ultrasound/cycle, I had a very large follicle on my left ovary measuring 26. Biggest I ever had in all of this. At that point, there was no reason to assume it wasn’t a follicle. Well, today it showed that there was a large follicle again on the left ovary, but at 32 mm this time. So it’s likely a cyst. If we don’t get pregnant this cycle trying with just the medicine, I’ll go in for an ultrasound on cycle day 3 to see if the large follicle is still there. If it, then it’s for sure a cyst. If it is, we probably have to put the next IUI in August on hold, and either see if it will go away on its own, or they will want to drain the fluid from it to get rid of it (ew). Not ideal. It also means no running again because if I twist it, I could ruin my entire ovary or tube.

I also have a fibroid hanging from my uterus, which since it’s on the outside of it, they say is nothing to be concerned about…! Let’s hope they’re right.

So here’s to just really hoping this cycle works. If not, we are ready for shots and IUI when this dang ovary and cyst cooperate.

Wish us luck and thank you!


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