New Month, New Medicine

Welp, as suspected, July wasn’t our month. It’s okay, I really wasn’t expecting it to be as we just used medicine and the trigger shot, but no IUI.

I go in Monday for an early cycle ultrasound to see if we can get started with the new medicine protocol this month. They’ll take a look and see if the cyst is still there, and if so, I’m going to ask that it be aspirated so we can continue with treatments. But, we’ll see what they say. Cross your fingers it’s gone!

If it is, that means we start with SHOTS! (Which takes on an entirely new meaning now that we’re not in college! Ha!) I had to buy a planner to keep track of everything. If you know me, you understand that it must mean I actually have a lot to keep track of with these shots. I used to buy planners and folders for school, and then would stuff my papers in my books and use the planner for a week. However, I can’t just stuff a bunch of shots in my laptop bag or medicine calendars in my purse if I want to do this right. (Or can I? Hmm…I have been known to carry trail mix, silverware and EPI pens in my purse. Why not hormone shots? Kidding. Kind of.)

I’ll update Monday after the ultrasound!


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