Take That, Cyst!

My cyst is GONE. Thank goodness! Your good vibes and prayers worked, so thank you.

This means we can move forward with our first IUI/injects cycle. I’ve written it in a calendar format to make it easier to understand.

Sunday, August 2 – Thursday, August 6: Take Letrozole (medicine I’ve been on for a while)
Thursday, August 6 – Start shots. One 50 mil dosage
Friday, August 7 – One 50 mil dosage
Saturday, August 8 – Go into doctor’s office for bloodwork and second ultrasound to see how the follicles are coming along. Possibly trigger shot and more shots if need more time. After this appointment, I’ll know my next steps.

My AMH levels, which is the bloodwork I had done last time, came back high, which is not bad, but also means I can easily overstimulate and produce far too many follicles. It just means I have a lot of eggs. Because IUIs are not controlled like IVF, the doctor told me today she’d like to see no more than 3 follicles in order to reduce our chances of multiples. She said with my AMH levels, and size, more than twins would not be good for me. (Um, yeah, agreed doc.)

Wish me luck with the shots. Fortunately, it’s in a pen form so I don’t think it’s going to be bad at all.


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