The Red Folder

We had our consult today and got it. The red folder. When you first visit the fertility clinic they give you all this information. Before you start any procedures you just get a few papers. When you move onto IUI and injects, you get the yellow folder. Still cheery, right? Then, with IVF, comes the “red folder.” Cue the dramatic music. No, not really, but why do they make it red? Yikes. It’s actually more exciting than scary.

We have budgeted and it looks to be okay for us to start IVF in December! We’re excited. And nervous. It’s more invasive and a lot more money, but the success rate for our age jumps from 20 to 50%. That’s huge! We have to call back later this week to get on the schedule and then we can go from there.

Dr. Shavell thinks that because I was able to stimulate so easily on a small dose of medicine, I’ll be a good candidate, and I will need less medicine than a lot of people which saves money and some of the intensity on my body. There is a lot to think about with IVF, though, and a lot more prep work. I’ll go into more detail in some later posts, but it’s likely happening and we’re anxious!

Also, who has seen Baby Mama the movie? When our doctor walked in today, I noticed for the first time that she’s pregnant! Super awesome for her, but literally all I could think about was this scene in Baby Mama, see below. (I should note that our doctor is actually pretty young, and who knows, maybe she went through fertility treatments, but still, it made me laugh. :))

Baby Mama Clip


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