Thursday’s Nurse Consultation – Fresh IVF Cycle 1

We met with our IVF nurse last Thursday and set up our rough start date for IVF. The plan is for me to start birth control at the end of October and take it through November. The end of November I will start my stim meds and then we’re looking at an embryo transfer sometime in the first few weeks of December.

We have the list of our medications (I’ll do another post on this later) and our potential schedule. They’re starting me off on a low dose due to how well I produced last time on the lowest dose of Gonal-F, but they’re still thinking I’ll stimulate quite a bit and will have to watch for signs of hyperstimulation, which can be dangerous if not watched. Walking will be the only exercise allowed once I start my medications, including no yoga which bums me out, but it’ll be worth it. And winter, so I figure I can use it as an excuse to hibernate, right?

Meanwhile, this next month, we will try on our own with the medication I have been using  {because if I don’t it’ll mess up my cycles anyway} and we’ll spend the next few months doing everything we can do on our own to help improve our IVF chances, including cutting caffeine, drinking more water, eating fertility friendly foods, exercising {might as well until I can’t anymore!} and taking some new supplements and vitamins recommended by our doctor.

I’ll post more updates later with specific details about the IVF process and my medications.


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