One Month Closer

September means more than pumpkin spice lattes and leggings season {okay, I admit, those things are pretty important to me} but it means we’re that much closer to starting IVF! So far, no new updates. I’m waiting for some things to happen and make sure I don’t have any cysts before I can start another round of medicine to keep things on track, and then in October I go in for a mock transfer {they pretend to transfer an embryo to me to make sure all will go well day of}, and start the birth control pill to prepare for IVF.

Meanwhile, we’re trying out some new supplements. CoQ10Β as it’s been proven to help both men and women with fertility. This is a new one, and is controversial in whether it works or not, but our doctor recommended it before IVF so we’re giving it a go and it can’t really hurt. I did some research on it myself too and it seems to get high praise. They say 100mg can cause mild insomnia in some people. That’s correct. Especially since we’re taking a higher dose, it’s caused some insomnia with me so I take it in the morning now and that seems to help. We’re also increasing our folate intake, through a supplement and making sure we get enough flaxseed, which has a good amount of folic acid. I’m continuing with a prenatal and fish oil pills.

Here’s my daily supplement vitamin cocktail.


{BTW, I don’t condone taking extra supplements unless advised by your doctor. There’s a lot going on in this photo, but it’s all per our fertility doctor’s recommendation. If you have a normal body, don’t bother.}

I’ve also officially cut out all caffeine. I won’t lie, it’s sort of killing me. I love my coffee and decaf is just not the same. Jordan has cut back on coffee too, but it’s not quite as crucial for him that he totally cuts it out. I’m making sure I get enough protein in my diet, and we’re eating more fish, chickpeas, etc. aka fertility friendly foods! Your egg quality is determined two months ahead of time, so our IVF eggs will be affected by what I do now. Crazy, right? And gross, I know. So I’m doing my best to of course cut out my favorite things like coffee and limited wine. {I say limited because I’m letting myself have a little here and there now, but once October hits, it’s good bye to my delicious cab.}

Running, biking, walking and yoga are always slowly coming back into play until I start stim medications in November. Once I start those, it’s just walking. Not that I walk in the snow anyway, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll keep updated with some more posts on the actual IVF process soon and the medicines so everyone can fully understand the process.


3 thoughts on “One Month Closer

  1. Sounds like you are getting well prepared. Just a couple of points – technically you could have a cup of cofee each day no problem. I realise your Dr may have a different view, and people will do what makes them feel good, but the two Dr’s I’ve spoken to about this said 100mg a day (1 esspresso or two cups of instant, or in my case 3-4 cups of tea) is fine while ttc or pregnant. I’m addicted to tea, so that was a relief for me! Also, my Dr said yoga and even biking are fine while on meds. I’d leave off running though. And after egg pick up and transfer, I avoid all but walking for a little while – I don’t feel like heavy exercise anyway! I’ve done three stim cycles and asked about exercise in detail and that’s what I was told πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the tips!! πŸ™‚ they did also tell me I could do one cup a day but honestly I love it so much I can’t control myself ha! I’m better off cutting it out otherwise I’ll just keep adding cup after cup. πŸ™ˆ I did ask about exercise and they specifically said just walking and no yoga or biking 😩 I think it’s because I stim really easily and they’re worried about OHSS. I produced 16 follicles on 4 days of gonal f less than 50iu. So I think they’re worried about twisting. Sigh. Did you ever have OHSS? I’m a little worried about it! Good to know about after transfer though!! I won’t feel too bad if I’m not even up for walking then!


      1. Ah right. Yes, if you are at risk of OHSS, then maybe take it a bit more easy. I never have it, so I’m fine. I find stimming pretty easy πŸ™‚ Anyway, good luck! I look forward to hearing your progress and hopefully you won’t get OHSS.


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