Mock Embryo Transfer

Friday I had a mock embryo transfer with Dr. Young. He’s one of the other doctors at the clinic. He was awkwardly nice, which I liked since I tend to say awkward things at these appointments. #uncomfortable Anyway, the mock transfer is something they do before IVF to basically get a good look at the uterus and cervix {sorry for the gross words}. They pretend to transfer an embryo to make sure all goes smoothly on the actual day.

It took a while because he said, and I quote, “Oh, you have a tricky cervix here.” Me: “Yeah, I get that a lot.” {See? Awkward.} Him: “It kind of goes up and down and then to the side.” Me: “I meant in my IUIs, they had trouble with my IUIs.” He then switched, um, tools, and figured it out. Took a while, but he said they got all the right measurements and that it should go much smoother day of now that they know the “path”. So weird.

Anyway, one more thing down. A million to go. 👍🏻


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