Counting Down

The countdown to IVF stim medications has officially begun! T-mins 42 days, give or take a few days. IVF is not predicable so it could change, but I already can’t wait. This time in waiting has been, er, long, but it has also taught me how to be a little more patient. Anyway, I hate to wish time away, but I think less than 50 days away gives us the right to countdown.


What happens in the meantime?

I start on birth control likely sometime next week. Birth control helps settle the ovaries and make sure everything is calm before IVF medications begin. I’ll be on the pill for just about a month. I honestly felt the best when on the pill (it’s usually what calms down PCOS symptoms) but I’m not looking forward to it as I think I’ll be on it just long enough to stop being sick from it. It always makes me sick the first couple of weeks.

We continue taking our supplements and vitamins. We’ve both still been taking the CoQ10, I’ve been taking a prenatal and fish oil pills, we’ve both increased our folate intake and we are both trying to eat lots of flaxseed.

I’ll continue exercising, yoga, walking, some running, etc. until stimulation medications start in mid-November and then it’s walking only. And only if I feel like it. I’m not going to stress about exercise during that time and instead take it day-by-day.

I’ll begin writing about our medications and IVF protocol during these next couple weeks to hopefully bring a better understanding to the entire process.


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