The Meds

I wanted to write a little about the medications I’ll be on for IVF to bring a better understanding of what the millions of shots are used for {million is an exaggeration, but trust me, when you’re stabbing yourself everyday it feels like millions}.

Lupron {injection}: It is a shot that lowers estrogen levels by regulating the body’s production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). The uterine lining is dependent on estrogen for growth. Generally, for IVF, Lupron is started about 7 days before one’s next cycle. Essentially, Lupron shuts down the body’s reproductive hormone system, during which, IVF patients use a follicle stimulating hormone drug to produce follicles. Ovulation cannot occur naturally while on Lupron, which prevents a surge happening too early before the scheduled egg retrieval.

Cetrotide/Garnirelix {injection}: Similar to Lupron, this medication blocks the release of the lutenizing hormone and delays ovulation to prevent an early surge.

Gonal-F {FSH} {injection} – This is what I was on when we tried to do the IUI cycle with injects. It worked REALLY well for me. 4 days on a low dose and I produced 16 follies. Wowsers. Let’s hope my body responds as well for IVF! Basically, this medicine helps me products lots and lots of eggs.

Menopur/Repronex {injection}: This medicine helps stimulate the ovaries to grow and create mature follicles {aka eggs}.

Progesterone {injection}: A type of female hormone that ensures the body is making enough of the actual hormone, progesterone. This will be used after transferring of the embryo(s) and if pregnant, up until 12 weeks of pregnancy {yeah, yikes}. It’s a bum shot that I have heard becomes very painful after a while. What we do for babies.

hCG {chorionic gonadotrophin}: When the follicles have reached the right size, an hCG shot will be given to trigger ovulation.

Zithromax {pill, yay!}: Everyone knows this one, but an antibiotic is given before the procedures to ensure no infections.

Medrol {pill}: A steroid to suppress immune function during the period following retrieval and transfer up to the time of implantation.

Promethazine {pill}: Taken before the egg retrieval to help prevent nausea.

Valium {pill}: Helps calm down me {so they say, this stuff NEVER works on high-anxiety Ashley} and my uterus before the procedures.

And, that’s a wrap.


2 thoughts on “The Meds

  1. That’s a lot of meds. I only had Puregon (for stim), Orgalutran (stops you o’ing); Oviderell (trigger shot) and Porgesterone pessaries after transfer. Good luck.


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