The Birth Control Made Me Do It

No, seriously guys. It’s birth control’s fault.

The acne on my face like a pre-teen? Birth control. 

The sudden bout of anger of not being able to get Netflix to work? Birth control. {Okay, and just me. I mean, I really needed to watch One Tree Hill in bed that night.} 

Not making dinner because I feel like I might yak up my lunch? Birth control. 

The need to suddenly become a cat and nap at all times? Birth control. 

The need for ice cream three nights in a row? Birth control. {Yeah, yeah you caught me on this one. I just freaking love ice cream.} 

So as you can see, the part that’s supposed to be ‘easier’ than stim meds is really not. In all reality, while it’s annoying, it’s not the worst thing ever. It’s just been so long since I’ve had to re-start the pill that I forgot how awful it made me feel in the beginning.

The good news? I’m down to 15 days before my initial IVF ultrasound appointment. FIFTEEN DAYS!? 


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