IVF 1: Mid-Cycle Ultrasound

Today I had my mid-cycle ultrasound to make sure everything is calm in there and make sure the birth control pill did its job.

Happy to say it did! No cysts, and I have 7 tiny follicles on each ovary, which is normal and good.

I was instructed to take no more birth control pills and that I can start two of my shots on Saturday. 75iu of a follicle stimulating shot, gonal f or follitism, and then another shot called menopur.

I will take these between 6 and 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, I’ll go in for another ultrasound and bloodwork to see how things are coming.

From there, they will tell me how many more days of shots I need, etc.

Right now, we’re simply making me grow a lot of follicles to prepare for egg retrieval.

Fun fact, I have socks for every appointment. Some are not as appropriate as others. 😂



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