Monitoring Appointment 1

Yesterday I had my first monitoring appointment. They schedule them every other day during stims.

Bright and early I drove to GR to have an ultrasound and my bloodwork completed. I have about 15 small follicles on each ovary, with a few that are larger. At this point in the game, that’s pretty normal.

I was instructed to continue on my same medication doses Monday and Tuesday evening, and I go in for another monitoring appointment tomorrow morning.

So far, symptoms include a mild headache that comes and goes, and just basically being so incredibly tired. That symptom actually kicked in yesterday. I started dozing off around 7:45, finally went to the bed at around 9, and could hardly move from the couch to the bed. I think I said something super out of it and loopy to Jordan, but I don’t remember. Cue getting up in the morning after plenty of sleep and I could barely do it. Oy. The injection sites are a little sore, but not unbearable so far. The menopur still burns like a mother.

Oh, and yesterday’s appointment called for Narwhals. 🙂



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