Stims Day 5 & Monitoring

I had my second monitoring appointment this morning and the follicles are progressing nicely. I have several that are around 11 or 12 mm (for reference 18-20 is usually considered mature). So they’re getting there  – and quickly.

I saw the doctor today and she added in the third shot, which is to prevent me from ovulating too early. I started that this morning and will continue the same dose on my other two evening shots tonight and tomorrow.

She said, “Well, you have a lot of follicles on a small dose of medicine.” Me: “Is that good or bad?” Her: “Both.” Basically as long as my bloodwork doesn’t come back too high all is good, but I have been responding rather quickly to the medicine so I think she’s a little worried. I probably mentioned before, with PCOS, you can easily overstimulate and they want to prevent that. I think they’re doing a good job of keeping tabs on it, though.

Symptoms still include fatigue, and since last night and today, lots of pressure and cramping. I can feel it when I walk now. Oy! Sweatpants, leggings and stretchy pants from here on out? Yes, please! {No, seriously, I bought pull up jeans. Don’t judge until your ovaries are the size of oranges.}

Today’s appointment called for garden gnomes.




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