Welcome Home, Babies

Transfer complete! As anyone who has gone though IVF knows, it never goes exactly how you imagine. Everything can be going along perfectly and then suddenly it all changes.

That’s what happened today. We went in for transfer and we were all ready to transfer 1 embryo of our 15. Well, the doctor came in, and only 2 made it to today. Of 28 eggs we have two embryos. One which is fragmented. The other is a beautiful 2 day. Normally, to help prevent twins, we would have opted for 1 but given the circumstances, we chose to transfer our only two embabies. If we had tried to freeze one it may not have made it to the freeze or thaw so we opted to make it comfy in my uterus. 🙂

I won’t lie. We were both in shock. It was insane to hear we had dropped from 15 to 2. I lost it. Our doctor is amazingly sweet and handled it all really well.

She said with PCOS patients it can happen. You tend to over produce eggs, but they can be poor quality. I knew this could happen and I thought I prepared myself to hear it, but let’s be real, there’s no preparing for hearing that as a 28 year old your egg quality is jack.

So in a bit of a shock, we transferred two little babies today.

We’re hoping they stick and that we are blessed with one or both. I’ve held onto the photo all day.

Please keep us in your prayers. If our little babies don’t stick, we are back at square one.

Welcome home, little ones! Get comfy please!



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