A Day in the Life Of…

In slow motion. That’s how I feel like life is moving right now. Want a peek inside my head right now? Are you sure? 🙂

5:30 am – Wake up. So tired. I wonder if it’s because I’m pregnant. No, probably just because I stayed up late on Pinterest.


6:45 am – PIO shot time. Waiting for what it seems like 10 years for that thick medicine to go into the syringe. PIO shot given. Ow. Add to the bruises.

7 am – Go into work or continue getting ready. Take 5 minutes to Google, “Very early pregnancy symptoms.”

8 am – Work. Think about babies. Work.

9 am – How is it not test day yet!?

10 am – I better eat a snack. It’s for the babies, right? They like Andes Mints. I’m pretty sure.

11 am – Google 5dp2dt at lunch. Read 6 pages in.

Noon – I have to pee for the 5th time. For sure have to be pregnant. Wait, no. I drank 2L of water already, it’s that.

1 pm – Is that a cramp I feel? I think it is. I bet they’re making themselves cozy.

2 pm – I am definitely feeling the cramps now. It’s too early to be my period, right? Right.

3 pm – I’m really excited to get out of work so I can Google more tonight.

4 pm – I shouldn’t Google more.

4:30 pm – I think I just peed out the embryos.

5 pm – Is it too early to pee on a stick?

5:30 pm – Drive home from work. OMG. That pothole I just felt surely knocked those embryos out. Do you think they refund that?

6 pm – Baking. That will distract me.

7 pm – Eat 4 cookies. For the babies, obviously. Ignore the IVF bloat.



7:30 pm – Push the cats off me for the 100th time. Kona is way to fat to be suffocating my stomach.


8 pm – Google more IVF success stories. Google “Grants for IVF.” Pin baby nurseries.

9 pm – If I go to bed now, it makes tomorrow come more quickly. No, I should enjoy the holiday. Put up more decorations.

9:30 pm – Lay in bed. Pretend like I’m going to sleep. Google more IVF success stories for positive vibes before bed.

10 pm – Say goodnight to the embryos that can’t hear me, but I think they can and shove the cats off me again.

10:30 pm – Pin  more baby things. {OMG, does that really happen in birth!?}


11 pm – Maybe finally fall asleep.

Wake up all night to pee.





3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life Of…

  1. Ashley, your courage and openness is a real inspiration. I know that you will be an enormous source of support for others who are suffering with this uncertainty and waiting. I remember everything you describe here so well. The whole process is incredibly hard, and perhaps that is why couples sometimes get pregnant naturally when they stop trying IUI and IVF–it is all so stressful. No matter what, you are a gifted writer and compassionate woman. I’m so sorry this has been so hard.


    1. Thank you so much, Beth. That really means a lot to me and I’m touched that you think I’ll give others courage through this process. I feel the need to share my experience so others don’t feel so alone in all of this. It’s hard, but worth it if it helps someone. Thank you for your support!


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