WTF Appointment

We had our “WTF” IVF appointment last Monday. They got is us in early and naturally I had my list of about 100 questions. {Seriously, it was out of control. I had them up on my computer when she walked in and she said, “Oh, doing work?” HA. Nope!}

She always ends up answering more than half o my questions before I get to them so it never actually seems as daunting once things get going.

She thinks we can try IVF with our samples {it feels word using the other “s” word — I know, I’m 5}  one more time. She said it’s not normal to go from 15 embryos to 2, in 2 days, but that we can try a new protocol that sometimes works well for PCOS patients.

I am going to also continue on my supplements {whoops, guess I should stop rebelling and start taking them again} and add in Metformin. It’s a drug for insulin and diabetes, but it is supposed to help with egg quality. I also had more bloodwork done, but fortunately, that all came back okay.

If this new protocol yields the same results, as in, just one or two semi-good embryos like last time, and it does not result in a pregnancy, she thinks it’s time to move onto other options {because it likely means egg quality is the issue} — embryo adoption, egg adoption, adoption, whatever we choose. We are okay with this opinion as we were thinking the same thing before she even said it.

With IVF and infertility, sometimes it is trial and error. She wants to try this protocol in hopes that we can create our bio family, and it will help determine if egg quality is truly the issue at hand.

We obviously are invested in having children and our hearts ache for them, but we also want to be realistic. Infertility is expensive and we don’t want to keep spending money on something that has a very low chance of working when there are other things we are open to trying.

We are shooting for an end of March/April IVF transfer and hope that this time, we have a couple embryos to freeze. If not, we’ll move forward with what we feel are the next best steps at that time.

For January and February, I will start new medicine and get to do yoga again {yay!}. It will give my body some time to rest in between cycles, too.



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