Baby Goats and Teacup Pigs

I tried to have a very serious conversation with Jordan the other night about getting a pygmy goat. For the yard. In our neighborhood. I watched this adorable goat video at least 4 times in a row and laughed out loud every time.

The conversation went something like this: 

Me: Can we get a baby goat for the yard? They’re sooooo cute!

Jordan: What? Why are you watching goat videos? What?

Me: I think I seriously need a baby goat. They make me really happy.

Jordan: No. We don’t live on a farm. Maybe if we lived on a farm.

Me: I think we could train it to live in the house. Like the cats, it could go in a litter box.

Jordan: {Stares at me}

I text Megan my need for a baby goat. She mentions teacup pigs. 

Me: Jordan, what about a teacup pig?!

Jordan: {Stares at me}

Me: I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my motherly instincts are in high gear and I’m ready for IVF 2.

So….I guess I’m not getting a goat OR a pig. What the hell. {Full disclosure, I also asked for another kitten. I think you know the answer.}

Here’s to hoping that IVF 2 works so I don’t surprise Jordan with a goat, pig or god forbid another cat someday. 🙂

P.S. – I’m working on revamping the look of the blog! It’s currently under construction. A nice distraction while we wait for round 2.



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