IVF #2 Update

Waiting. That’s the update. Ugh.

But seriously, we’re just waiting for my cycle to start {ew, sorry, ew gross I know} so I can get bloodwork done and get IVF 2 rolling.

Once I do start, on cycle day 21, I’ll start Lupron shots. Its similar to what the birth control did where it suppresses the ovaries and keeps things calm. I will be doing those shots for about 2 weeks, and then will move to almost the same medicine I was on last time.

Again, I’ll do more shots for about 8 days probably, depending on how I respond. During that time I will be getting bloodwork and ultrasounds every other day.

Once everything is ready to go, they will trigger me to release the eggs, go in for the egg retrieval and then hopefully the transfer again.  My guess is that we’re looking at early April.

Once things really get rolling, I’ll update more. I’d like to do more detailed updates this time around with some videos even, to help others who might be going through this and don’t know what to expect.


4 thoughts on “IVF #2 Update

  1. Periods are not gross, they are just a medical reality. And anyone who reads a fertility blog hoping to avoid talk of ‘Aunt flow’ is an idiot. Periods are standard fertility blog fare… Roll on AF and good luck with your cycle!


    1. Thank you for the luck! Always welcome. Ha, well, I agree they are standard fare, however; my Dad and other family members read this blog and as much of an open person as I am, I like to try to spare them the details they may find super uncomfortable. If it’s real detailed, I’ll put a warning.


  2. You should honestly start a “go fund me page”. I don’t believe in them for people that want a new car or breast enhancement (or I’d have one 😄), but i think that people would be happy to help out. I know it has to be very, very expensive.


    1. Our friends actually set one up for us and surprised us with the gesture in December after our first IVF failed. It was the sweetest thing ever. She purposely didn’t tell me about it, because you like you said, I had this stigma about them, but they secretly had all our family and friends donate and it was pretty amazing how much people are willing to help. It blew us away and we were so grateful! And you’re right, it’s insanely expensive! Insurance doesn’t cover it. :/ Of course.


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