IVF 2 Update

I haven’t had too much to update on IVF 2 – until now! We officially completed our first round of bloodwork Saturday and I got the start date for my shots.

I start Lupron shots March 23. These are the shots to down regulate my system aka keep things quiet in there. One a day around 6-8 pm at night. {So if you’re hanging out with us and I pull out a shot, don’t be alarmed.}

I’ll be on those shots for roughly 10-14 days until I start a new cycle. Then, I’ll go in for an ultrasound and be given the date to start stims!

I am much less excited and much more anxious this time around…but I hear that’s normal. Stay tuned for more updates and meanwhile, listen to me ramble about my feelings. 🙂


One thought on “IVF 2 Update

  1. Share away sweet lady. I cannot believe what strength and spirit you and Jordan have. You continue to be in my prayers. You are both amazing people and I am proud to be allowed to follow along with you on your journey toward adding to your family.


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