IVF 2: Day 2 & 3

Today was my third day on Lupron. So far, so good! Just a few side effects, but the shot itself, is not bad at all. No burning and the needle is small.

Physical Side Effects: I am suddenly feeling really tired. Last night, I fell asleep at 9. Okay, maybe before. I am not sure if it’s the Lupron or it’s the fact that I was so nervous about starting IVF that I didn’t sleep at all the week before.

I also have a nagging headache, but that’s normal on Lupron and fertility meds.

Mental/Emotional Side Effects: So far, so good. I’ve been in a pretty good mood so far, but let’s be real, anything makes me cry. As Megan put it this week, “If I wrapped up a dead bee in a box and gave it to you, you’d cry right now.” So. Very. True.

Day 2 Shot {See my med area in the back corner? Dining hutch = perfect spot for IVF meds}

Lupron Day 2

Day 2 Shot

Lupron Day 2 (1)

Day 3 Shot

Lupron Day 3


2 thoughts on “IVF 2: Day 2 & 3

  1. I fall asleep before 9 ALL THE TIME! and it’s glorious. don’t feel bad!! the more sleep the better in my book!! praying SO hard for you, girl!!


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