IVF2: Day 4

Just a quick update on Day 4 of IVF 2. Nothing too new, but I really am doing my best to try to keep everyone better updated this time!

Physical Side Effects: Is it possible to wake up even more tired? Because I absolutely did today. I’m fine once I am up in the middle of the day, but come early evening and early morning, I feel like I can barely move even though I have gotten plenty of sleep. I do take the shot at night so that might have something to do with the timeframe. I also look tired even though I get sleep. Gross.

No headache today!

I’ve noticed about 2 hours after I take the shot, I have some nausea. It’s not awful, and it goes away, but it happens. However, after being on Metformin, I can handle it.

Mental/Emotional Side Effects: Nothing new. {But ask Jordan and he may tell you differently.}

Lupron Day 5 Shot

{Quick story on the shirt. I have a feeling you’ll see this shirt a lot during this round of IVF. It has some special meaning that I think will help keep me motivated during this round. Megan gave it to me the day we started this IVF because last year, when she was training for her marathon, I would ride my bike next to her. I’d carry the backpack with our waters, jackets, etc. She gave me the shirt to symbolize that she’s going to ride along with me during this IVF journey and that she’ll carry any weight I have on my shoulders {backpack}. Super sweet. Yes, obviously, I cried.}

Lupron Shot Day 4

Egg Shot {How could I not get the Easter egg in the background!? The irony is way too amusing to me.}

Egg Shot

Video from today’s shot {Oh, remember when I said yesterday it didn’t hurt? False. That’s me saying, “OWWW!” It hurts now. #spoketoosoon}




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