IVF 2: Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates! We had a busy weekend and I just haven’t had too much of an update lately so I figured I’d roll it all into one post. It’ll bounce around a lot so I apologize in advance.

I started stim shots on Wednesday and had an appointment {ultrasound and blood work} Friday to see how things were progressing. So far, so good. I continued on the medicine through the weekend and had another ultrasound and bloodwork set this morning, too. Right now, they’re counting 20 follicles {aka eggs} total. That’s a pretty good number. Not as many as last time, but still high and they’re all growing at the same rate, which is really important.

Again, I’m to continue on medicine and will have an appointment Wednesday. It’s basically every other day until it gets close, and then moves to daily. Right now, I’m doing three shots a day around 7pm.

Physical Side Effects: I’m officially on my usual doctor-ordered walking only status. I can get about a mile and a half walk in before I start to feel the effects in my ovaries so I stop. Sleepy, per usual.

Mental Side Effects: I’m a little teary-eyed. I watched Inside Out and it ripped my heart out. I tripped on the sidewalk and straight up cried. I wasn’t hurt, at all.

I’m still not sure when egg retrieval will be or transfer; it’s literally a day by day thing!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with photos of this round’s set of fun socks and other shot photos {I’ve actually only done stim shots at home once this round. Other places have included: a coffee shop, restaurants, friend’s houses and the car. I’m becoming an expert at making anything work as a table.}

Thanks for the check ins and prayers! We are appreciative.

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