IVF 2: Still on Track

I had a monitoring appointment {ultrasound and blood work} yesterday and so far, so good! Right now, they’re counting 24 follicles over the size of 10. Basically, that means they could retrieve up to 24, but they may not all be mature, viable, etc. And 24 is a lot. Last time I had 28; however, this time they seem to be growing at a more normal rate, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

Physical Symptoms: I am starting to feel very, er…full? I’m not sure how to fully explain it, but you just feel it with every step you take and it feels like a lot of pressure in that area. I can get about a mile walk in before I need to stop and I can’t sit upright in one position for very long or else I start feeling it more. Sometimes some sharp shooting pains.Yesterday I was so incredibly crampy. {If you’re a lady reading this, think bad period cramps.}

Still having issues with built up scar tissue or something on my stomach. I have been having to jab so hard lately that it bleeds almost every time now.

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: I’m probably moody. But mainly, I’m just mentally exhausted. I keep telling Jordan that I’m just ready to be done with this cycle. I am cautiously hopeful, but this cycle has been so long and more difficult than the last one.

We’re still looking at possible egg retrieval either Sunday or Monday, but I won’t know more until tomorrow!


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