Happy Birthday,Hosey

It’s my sister’s birthday today. 27. Tell me how that is possible? It’s funny – I always knew we were close in age, but often, when in school it feels further apart. You’re separated by grades, different sets of friends, whatever it may be, it feels like there’s more of a distance. Now that she’s older, I feel like we’re SO close in age.

Because of the short age gap, we shared a lot when we were young. Dance, piano lessons, tennis lessons for a while {yeah, laugh it up}, toys, matching outfits – you name it. I wasn’t always as sweet as I am now, you know. 😉 I didn’t love sharing the spotlight sometimes. But I was also 2.5 when she came along so cut me a break, okay?

While we shared a lot, we are also pretty different. She loves sports; I love the arts. She’s good at math; I barely passed. I’m an open book; she’s more reserved with her feelings and thoughts; she never shared her Easter candy; I always did.

My point is, the other day when I jokingly texted her and said: “Hey, can I have your eggs?” She responded back that if we really wanted her to be an egg donor, she’d consider it. I kind of teared up when I read it because I know if we really wanted to do it, she wouldn’t hesitate. {side note: we are not taking her eggs.}

It takes a huge heart to offer even the possibility of something like that and to sacrifice your body so that someone else can have a family. She’s selfless and she’d do anything for the people closest to her. We might be different in many ways, but we’re always there for each other. These past two years, she’s shown me that sometimes the little sister needs to take care of the big sister. I really am blessed to have her and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my sister. Someday, she’s going to make such a great aunt. So you see, her birthday is important to me because she’s changed my life in so many good ways. She continues to amaze me and I wish her nothing but the best on her birthday.

So, maybe she didn’t share her smarties with me when we were kids, but she’s offered me her eggs so I’m going to call it even. 😉

Happy Birthday, Baby Sister!



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