Post-Op Update

We had my surgery post-op appointment yesterday with the doctor. I’m cleared for working out again – yay – however, minimally, so I can continue to gain weight.

Primarily, though, we talked about the next IVF and our recurring pregnancy loss panel blood work. Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with Factor V Leiden. It is an inherited blood-clotting disorder due to the mutation of the blood’s factor V protein. It increases the chance of blood clots developing more than the normal person. In regular life, as long as I stay healthy, maintain a good weight, etc., I shouldn’t develop clots or have any issues. Make sure I don’t sit too long on an airplane without getting up and walking around and steering clear of certain medications – all very simple. However, for pregnancy it is a different story. Having the Factor V gene can cause miscarriages and the trauma on my body could cause me to develop clots, preeclampsia, low birth weight of a baby and more. BUT the good news – there are ways to combat this during pregnancy to ensure healthy mom and baby. Starting 3 days after embryo transfer, I’ll start a shot called Lovenox. It’s a blood thinner and it’ll help prevent miscarriage and clotting issues. Unfortunately, I’ll be on it for the duration of pregnancy and likely a while after, but it’ll be worth it and I’m glad to know there’s something that can help!

We also talked about one last blood work test Jordan and I are both planning to make sure the chromosomes in our DNA are not broken. We’ll be getting those tests done in in the next couple of weeks.

I have a good year or so, hopefully, until the endometriosis could start growing back so we don’t have to move our IVF time frame up, which is nice. He said removing it may or may not make a difference in egg quality, but it was still best we removed it.

We plan to take this next IVF one day at a time. What I mean by that is we may or may not transfer an embryo in November, depending on how many we get in the end. We are going to focus on not overstimmulating me so I only get about 6 good eggs and ultimately, hopefully, 6 good embryos. They tend to do this in older patients with poor egg response, but we’re hoping this helps to improve the quality of my eggs. If we end up with 1 or 2 embryos, he may choose to freeze them and then have me stimulate for 2 more rounds to ‘bank’ embryos.

We are feeling good about everything and are really liking our new doctor {same clinic}. For now, I’ll continue trying to gain weight, taking all my supplements, avoiding amazing things like caffeine and alcohol and continuing with tests. Thanks for the constant support and love!


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