Baby K Progress Report

*For my readers who are still climbing the uphill battle that is infertility, this post might be a trigger. Please skip if need be and as usual, I’ll continue writing about infertility as well in the future.*

I’ve been getting  a lot of questions about how I’m feeling, if I’m growing, etc. Which is great! I never thought I’d be in a position to answer those questions.

Feeling? Pretty good! I was blessed with little to no nausea. I have a new gag reflex happening, but all in all, good. I’m tired when I get home, but have a big burst of energy around 9 at night. Weird.

Sleep? Meh. Not well. I know, I know. I’ll never sleep again. {insert eye roll} let me live in denial as long as I want, okay? My dreams are insane. Insanely weird. Every damn night I dream something so detailed that sometimes I can even recall them.

Factor V Status? As of right now, I’m still on baby aspirin and a blood thinner shot and will be throughout the remainder of pregnancy. So far, so good. Please keep praying that the pregnancy stays this way. There’s a lot that could happen later down the road.

Here are some bump photos I’ve been taking along the way!


One thought on “Baby K Progress Report

  1. Oh thank you for sharing the pictures … Ashley I am so thrilled for you and Jordan. I respect and admire the way you merge infertility with your pregnancy. You have taught me so much about infertility, emotions and life. You are an amazing woman.


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