Baby K Progress Report 2

*For my readers who are still climbing the uphill battle that is infertility, this post might be a trigger. Please skip if need be and as usual, I’ll continue writing about infertility as well in the future.*

Feeling? Pretty good! I was blessed to have no real nausea during my early pregnancy stages. I’m feeling the changes in my belly size wise and added weight as I’m having some rib, back and sciatica pain, but all in all, I’m doing well and feeling really grateful to have made it this far and have a pregnancy with less symptoms than usual.

Sleep? The weird dreams have subsided a little bit, but I get up a couple times a night for a drink of water and to use the restroom. No big deal, though – I know sleep won’t be great when the baby gets here either!

Gender: Girl! And super shocked about it. Grandpa K is a little disappointed, but I think he’ll be okay eventually. 😉 {And yes, we’ve had a few ultrasounds so it’s most certainly a girl.}

Factor V Status? As of right now, I’m still on baby aspirin and a blood thinner shot and will be throughout the remainder of pregnancy. We are seeing a high risk OB for this specifically, every four weeks, who also performs our growth scans. Factor V can cause some babies to have some intrauterine growth restrictions. She’s tiny, but mighty and all looks well with her. Continued prayers that she keeps growing on a steady path and that the Factor V remains a non-issue.


Here are the most recent bump photos!


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