Baby K Progress Report 3

*For my readers who are still climbing the uphill battle that is infertility, this post might be a trigger. Please skip if need be and as usual, I’ll continue writing about infertility as well in the future.*

Week? 30 weeks and 5 days! Less than 10 weeks until her due date. {HOW!?}

Feeling? Still having some sciatica pain, rib pain and back pain, but all in all pretty good. I do have some heartburn now no matter what I eat, but I still feel grateful in that I’ve really had a pretty good pregnancy symptoms wise.

Sleep? The weird dreams are back! I’ve been writing them down for fun. The baby is currently breech, with her bum directly on my bladder, so I get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom – a lot. But I’ve mastered tired walking to the bathroom in the dark now, ha!

Gender: Still girl!

Factor V Status? Still taking the baby aspirin and a blood thinner shot daily. We have continued to see the high risk OB, a little more often lately since I’m further along in my pregnancy. She’s still tiny, but she’s growing on a trend and that’s what is most important! They were slightly concerned about her abdominal circumference at first, but it’s been improving so as of our last ultrasound, the doctor is thinking that she’s just going to be a small baby because I’m a small person. As long as she continues to trend up in her weight and does not drop, we’re looking good! Right now she’s in the 29th percentile so she’ll probably be about 5-6 pounds when born. We will continue to go back for ultrasounds just to be sure since it’s our first pregnancy. We may also start weekly NSTs {fetal non-stress tests} after week 32, just as an extra precaution with the Factor V and small growth.

What We’re Up To: We’ve been working hard on the nursery lately. Okay, when I say we, I really mean Jordan. He’s done it all. I have shopped. Ha! We have it all painted now {white} and his Mom came over to help with that which was great! We also re-sanded and re-stained the hardwood floors and put in a new, bright white door. My Dad came over to help with that. Again, super grateful for that kind of help. Jordan hung new cordless blinds and we are getting trim put up and curtains this weekend. We hope to move the crib, dresser and chair in the room, too. That way I can start organizing and decorating. With less than 10 weeks, everything is going to happen pretty fast!

Here are the most recent bump photos {and yes, I’m behind!}



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