TTC Timeline

December 2013: Pull the goalie, no prevention happening.

April 2014: Nothing is happening. No cycle for me since going of BC pill.

April 2014: Appointment with OBGYN (who was awful), but does run tests. I suggest that I might have PCOS, she disregards.

May 2014: Tests all come back normal. She claims nothing is wrong and asks me to take pills without explanation.

May 2014: I don’t take pills because my cycle comes. Yay! I think all is on track. Nope, sure is not.

August 2014: Back to no cycles since May. I call the doctor and finally find out what the medicine is for. Progresterone to get it started and she claims this will set me back on track.

August 2014: Progesterone works. Maybe all is okay.

September/October 2014: Nope, just had one cycle. Back to no cycles.

October 2014: Call doctor and demand more answers. She says, “Oh yeah, because of your PCOS…” Me: “Um, what? Apparently some of my bloodwork did come back abnormal, but not abnormal enough for them to be concerned at the time. But now, they’re concerned.

October 2014: Doctor orders a glucose test and ultrasound.

October 2014: Glucose is normal, but ultrasound is not. Lots of cysts on the ovaries, which is a sign of PCOS.

November 2014: Find a new OBGYN (who is amazing!). She confirms PCOS and puts us on a new plan.

December 2014: First round of Clomid. Worked, but not pregnant.

January 2015: Second round of Clomid. Worked, but not pregnant.

February 2015: Third round of Clomid. Worked, but not pregnant.

February 2015: Doctor orders HSG test and Semen Analysis for Jordan.

Late February 2015: SA comes back abnormal (morphology) and we are referred to a specialist.

Late February 2015: We start seeing Dr. Shavell at The Fertility Center in Grand Rapids. She’s awesome!

March 2015: Month off while we wait for test results. Jordan gets one more SA.

March 2015: Second SA for Jordan much better. Yay! And HSG normal for me. Double yay!

April 2015: Due to having PCOS and Jordan’s minor issue, doctor suggests an IUI.

April 2015: Take new medicine, Femara, and use HGC trigger shot. First IUI complete.

April 2015: First IUI unsuccessful.

May 2015: Take month off of IUI and try naturally with medicine. Unsuccessful.

End of May 2015: Second IUI. Unsuccessful.

June 2015: Third IUI unsuccessful.

June 2015: Consult with the doctor on next steps.

July 2015: Take month of IUI and try naturally with medicine. Unsuccessful.

August 2015: Begin medicine for 4th IUI. Medicine and injection cycle. Cycle cancelled due to overstimulation.

September 2015: One last cycle on Femara and trigger shot. Unsuccessful.

October 2015: Start birth control pill to prep for IVF.

November 2015: Start IVF treatments.

December 2015: IVF 1. Failed. 2 embryos transferred, zero to freeze.

December 2015-February 2016: No treatments. Start Metformin for egg quality.

March 2016: Start IVF 2 on March 23!


2 thoughts on “TTC Timeline

  1. Hi. I just started following you blog after seeing your comment on Inconceivable. It sounds like you might be moving on to IVF now? Welcome to the rollercoaster 😉 I’m in my 2ww from my third stim cycle. Get pregnant on the 2nd stim cycle but miscarried, sadly. My sister in law is now pregnant from her first cycle of IVF. IVF is a very powerful tool and I hope you get the results you want 🙂 Good luck!


  2. Hey Emma –

    We are moving onto IVF, we have the consult with our IVF nurse on Thursday actually. I’m excited and nervous all at once. It sounds like you probably know exactly how I’m feeling. I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage. That couldn’t have been easy after all you’ve been through already. This whole TTC thing is tough (that’s an understatement, I know). It is a powerful tool! I’m so glad to be benefiting from it and feel blessed we’re in a position to do so soon. I hope you get the results you want too, and that the rest of this tww flys for you! You’ll have to keep me updated! 🙂 Thanks for following along!


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